Is QIK the new Twitter?

Been looking at QIK over the last few days and been impressed with what it does – the Liverpool Post had some great fun with that and Twitter for the La Princess giant spider travelling through Liverpool.

Qik’s also come in handy for that by-now cliche of citizen journalism with two groups set up – and no doubt they’ll grow as time goes by.

I can see a benefit here for people. You fire up a quick Tweet and email from somewhere saying you are going to stream and then you stream. Completely spontaneous fun – or a quick way to send something out for a PR client. (or for journalists a way to break something live…)

Again, it puts us all one step nearer being little Spider Jerusalem’s, but also a way of just joining in fun and sharing the good times. Of course the quality won’t be fantastic, but that’s why you could still justify having pro camera crews at an event – for now. After all if wireless speeds and camera quality keep picking up…

Longterm questions will be asked about video storage, the wisdom of SMS alerts and so on, but for now it seems as if it could have a genuine use – and perhaps even be used to catch crimes happening. Hopefully there won’t be an outbreak of happy slapping though.

(on a similar ‘tech sharing an event’ theme, I see the BBC had a fun experiment using new media tech to covering the latest Apple event with Twitter, Flip and QIK.)

I’m at a wee event tomorrow, Thursday, night that I might see if I can send over if there’s a wifi connection. You can find me via