NASA shows the best use for Twitter yet

(bit of a space theme this week)

I know there are those, like Iain Hepburn, who doubt the use of Twitter as a news outlet (I, for one, think it is incredibly underused as a news outlet for posting live updates to events and so on – and I’ve used it for the likes of T in the Park, election gossip and award ceremonies as previous posts here show).

But here’s one from the NASA people – Tweets from the Mars Phoenix probe. Not a tweet about the probe or detached information, but writing as if it’s the actual probe writing it, first person, the lot.

Brilliant. Quick snippets of information. Great way to interest someone. Imagine being a kid and realising that you’re getting information sent to you by a robot on Mars. (And yes, I know it isn’t, but it’s close enough – have some romance in your soul.)

(and as you can’t impersonate someone on a blog, how long before we get a law saying it’s illegal to impersonate someone on a Tweet, even a robot? 🙂 )