Reasons I love newspapers #1

One of the things that I have always loved about newspapers is the variety of stories you can get on even a single page and the fact that experts know what makes a good story and give it an appropriate positioning.

None of this ‘we only print news that’s of interest to one group’ which is what most sites do now – and seems to be the trend (and preference of many readers) – but stories that are just plain great and of interest to wide sections of the community.

Like this tale about kiddy German elopers Рif we lived in an age where all we had was concentrated news by concentrated sites, the odds of seeing these little tales that just make you love humanity would skip by.

(Going to be posting a lot over the next few weeks on the future of press and PR – would say days but under the weather and even a short post like this is doing my head in – as it’s a topic coming up a lot. I don’t share Shaun Milne’s¬†optimism, but I do think there’s a future for the press – and even print.)

From Grant Morrison\'s/Frank Quitely/Jamie Grant\'s All Star Superman 11