I’ve been very fortunate in life that not only have I had some fantastic people teach me, but I’ve had the pleasure to give a number of talks at universities and also lecture – in the physical world and online/MOOCs – as well as speak at a number of private events.

In that spirit, please find some material that I’ve used in training. Most of it is from circa-2013 so while some specifics may be out of date, in general a lot of this material still holds up as entry-level to social media and digital marketing.

Some of this was presented at Napier University as part of their MA in International Journalism while others were presented as part of Graham Lee’s Social Media Academy, which went bust a few years ago owing trainers like myself funds.

Anyway, I hope some of this material is useful to you.


CIPR Scotland Social Media Basics Training Course 2011

Federation of Small Businesses Training Course 2012

Social Media Training Course 2013

SM1 – What is social media?

SM2 – Strategy and pre-start

SM3 – Blogging

SM4 – Twitter

SM5 – Facebook

SM6 – LinkedIn

SM7 – Google+

SM8 – Video and YouTube

SM9 – Location

SM10 – Social Media in a Crisis

SM11 – Social Media Examples

SM12 – What’s next?

MA International Journalism/Crossplatform Journalism Content Material 2013 – 2014

Week one: why journalism and what platforms?

Week two: Journalism and Branding

Week three: SEO and clickbait

Week four:

Week five: No Week five material exists for online

Week six:

Power of Infographics

Week seven:

Week Eight:

Social Media and Lawyers 2014