Old stuff…

I’ve written four non-fiction books on football, sex slaves and parents accused of harming their children, as well as hundreds of thousands of words in journalism, comic scripts and other items so I’m going to use this page to share some of them, including some old articles as I get my hands on them.

The Redundant Journalist Guide to PR

Boy, did this land me in the keeich as we would say in Scotland. What I thought was a helpful but short guide to journalists considering going into PR (because, despite what many reporters think, it’s not an easy transition) and showing what PR is really like in the 21st Century got me into hot water with all sorts who thought it was reckless of me posting such “insightful” material. I stand by it and don’t think there’s a thing in it that’s controversial.

Some ‘edgy’ PR companies thought otherwise. A bunch of journalists hated it as well, but on the whole most people praised it for being insightful and honest without putting the boot in.Judge for yourself (direct link to PDF).

Robert Burns v William Shakespeare

The title says it all (but there’s some more info on the page).

Ode to a Teacake

Again, Burns themed. I had some fun writing new versions of Burns’ work to work in the biscuits from that iconic company Tunnocks. (alt link 1) (alt link 2)

The Brewdog Exorcist Remake

This was little more than an idea that came to me one morning for a potentially viral video, taking a condensed version of The Exorcist and a six foot pint costume I have. Sadly, getting the film guys and location all together at one time proved nigh-on impossible before I left the PR company I was with at the time, so it was never made.

Football Inc: Sectarianism

The chapter from my first book Football Inc that caused more of a stooshie than the rest of it put together, but it was the one topic I wanted covered more than any other in an analysis of the modern game because then – and some would say now – in 2001 sectarianism was still a problem. A minority problem, but still a problem. And before anyone weighs in with ‘ya dirty biased fenian’ and such like misconstrued comments, I’m agnostic.