Kidnapped coffins, dark humour and city crime drama make Kevin Scott’s Dead Cat Bounce a winner

Dead Cat Bounce by Kevin Scott

What’s the story: 24 hours before the funeral of their little brother, Matt and Peter have to start to work together to pay a gangster £20,000 to have the body and coffin returned in time for the service – and without their hysterical mother finding out.

You’ll like it if you like: Orphans, Breaking Bad, The Shield, Matt Bendoris’ crime novels, Chris Brookmyre, 24 (the good seasons). Continue reading

Why the iPad could be a nightmare for writers

I’ve written a chunk elsewhere about the implications of the iPad, and while the iBook Store is going to be a large part of it, there’s a couple of questions that arise including how does an unpublished author or an author whose publishers has gone bust get his books online – who will decide what books go on and what doesn’t? Basically are you out of luck if you don’t sign with an Apple-approved publisher? Continue reading

Where’s all the PR and social media chat gone?

In case you haven’t looked in the box to the right hand side, I’m using here to talk about fatherhood, writing (my own and others) and popular culture (or in the case of Defying Gravity, perhaps not so popular culture 🙂 ), all the chat about social media, digital PR, online marketing and so on can be found over at Contently Managed, which is the company I set up to deal with those sort of issues. So if that’s your thing, see you over there as well as over here.

Starting to get back into the swing of it…

I’ve posted some free stuff for reading (guess where you can find that) and I think once there’s some images and links in the side columns we’re more or less back up and running.

Someone asked me the other day why I was getting back into this site and the answer’s quite obvious. Contently Managed should really only be for the PR, social media in Scotland and such like. It’s a bit much to go from talking about Battlestar Galactica and Defying Gravity to Brian Solis‘ latest thoughts to the decline of newspapers and mums up on MSBP allegations while also writing notes about your children. So this seems like the easiest way of keeping it all apart.