Why the law will stop Apple 4K being as big a hit as Amazon and Google competition

(I’m not going to say too much about the Apple event – that’s Ewan Spence’s gig, but there are two things that stick out and are worth a quick comment…)

So the Apple 4K has been announced and Apple pulled off a nice unleaked surprise in that the company is offering 4k material for the price of the non-4K content. But it’s not going to be enough for the machine to take off like competing devices from the likes of Amazon and Google for two simple reasons – the main one is cost, but the second one is to do with the long arm of the law… Continue reading

Has SEO killed jury system as 95% search accused?

12 angry men pic

Seven years ago, I asked an anonymous online poll for those who had been jurors if they looked online at the people they were judging and the answer was, IIRC, about 65% said they did – even though they had been told not to (Ten years before that, the answer was 4%.) and that answer skewed heavily towards the under-40s and desktops.

Tried it again earlier this year and the answer was a little different: 95% look up the accused and it’s mostly on mobile phones. The outlying 5% was from the above 60s but it wasn’t that they couldn’t Google the accused – they didn’t want to, because you aren’t meant to do that sort of thing. So hey, yay law-abiding pensioners. Continue reading