Getting started in drone racing? You’re too late and what the disruption means for businesses…

I had an interesting chat the other day with someone on the back of Celtic FC moving into eSports and they were musing about how it’s good to see clubs trying to do this sort of thing to expand their fanbase and interests.

We joked about how the clubs would next be moving into drone racing to take on the FPV Scotland racers… but it turns out that computing is already developing AI drone racers because clearly being able to win at the classics like Go and nearly winning at StarCraft isn’t enough for AI… Continue reading

Why the law will stop Apple 4K being as big a hit as Amazon and Google competition

(I’m not going to say too much about the Apple event – that’s Ewan Spence’s gig, but there are two things that stick out and are worth a quick comment…)

So the Apple 4K has been announced¬†and Apple pulled off a nice unleaked surprise in that the company is offering 4k material for the price of the non-4K content. But it’s not going to be enough for the machine to take off like competing devices from the likes of Amazon and Google for two simple reasons – the main one is cost, but the second one is to do with the long arm of the law… Continue reading

Where are football’s cybersecurity casuals and hooligans?

Remember casuals and football hooligans? Or what about films like The Firm? Football casuals causing chaos to opposing fans (and others) for various reasons. I’m not saying it’s a problem that the game has eliminated, but where’s the 21st century cybersecurity equivalent?

Cybersecurity – not your usual kind of football hacker

Think about it, there’s tons of reasons for fans to want to hack into opposition clubs, including: Continue reading