Six things that say Apple isn’t Apple any more…

Been playing with the new ios6 and it’s made me come to the conclusion that Apple most definitely isn’t the company that it once was – it certainly isn’t computing for the rest of us and what’s replaced it is, I don’t know. But here’s the sort of glitches I’m seeing that in days gone by you would never have expected from Apple in ios or OS X:

ios6 Maps

Dear God, it’s got errors in it, nowhere near as pretty or useful as Google Maps and doesn’t contain as much information as the competitors (and it isn’t great at finding places either). As many a person has pointed out when talking about the success of the iPad v other tablets: if you are going to take on a market leader (in this case Google Maps) you need to be better than the market leader.

Hidden menu options

Apple’s UI used to be about simplicity. You knew what a command did and you used it if you needed to. If you didn’t, you didn’t touch it. Then it changed, starting with an old version of Quicktime where you had greyed out options (which you had to pay for to use) and now you have completely hidden sets of menus and submenus unless you know the right keystroke or select options in preferences.

The Delete file option really means ‘Don’t save’.

I don’t know how Apple managed to get even the simple things screwed up but if you go to close an attachment now you get the option to save it or delete it. Now I know what it means but I’ve seen many a person panic that this means they’re actually deleting the original file (which they don’t wan’t to do).

Save As isn’t Save As

This one has been well talked about in many a place but again, Apple has made it more awkward to do something that people do day in, day out – make a copy of a file and work within it.

Attachments that don’t appear to send as attachments

I’ve seen this dozens of times – even when you click on the Window’s friendly attachment option – it doesn’t look as if it has gone as a normal attachment and people come back saying ‘can you send that as a normal attachment please, I can’t get it to open/detach’.

Apps staying open after you close all the documents

I remember when you closed the last open document of an app – Word, Photoshop, whatever – and the computer assumed that you were finished with the app and closed it down for you. Now it stays open, hogging memory and resources. I remember when Mac users used to sneer at PC users for this. Now, apparently, it’s a feature.

Now, all of these little things on their own are annoying – though some can really interrupt a work process – but it all starts to add up and make you think that Apple’s losing a bit of sight. Does that mean I’m off to jump ship after 20 years of owning Macs, Powerbooks, ┬áiPods and so on? No, but it does mean that one day I may see some other system that just works and I suddenly go ‘well, that would do for me…’ and off I go. You normally don’t lose customers by big acts, it’s the death by a thousand small things that make you lose them.