New Doctor Who? Yeah, that’ll do…

As Iain beat me to it over at The Thumbcast, I’ll post my thoughts on the new Matt Smith/Stephen Moffat incarnation here. In short: terrible, awful, hellish theme tune, loved everything else. This was actually an elegance in writing to look at…
As Warren Ellis put it in a tweet, this was Moffat writing at the top of his game. It was a Who for new and old alike. The touches I really liked were:

  • The food scene. Silly but fun and still decent dialogue. The Scottish line was fab and custard and fish fingers emphasises the alien aspect of The Doctor.
  • “I don’t have anybody, isn’t that GREAT!” There were a bunch of lines like this, which completely sum up how a kid sees the world. Adults think of all the adulty stuff if there were no relatives about. Kids just think it would be a land of adventure and staying up all the time. This line and a few others nailed that idea.
  • The swimming pool in the library. There’s never been enough done with ideas like that. Similarly, climbing out and jumping into the TARDIS. Great little touches that remind you what the ship is.
  • The self-parody. Stuff like ‘Who da man?… Never again” were nice touches.
  • The idea that most – well some – of the villagers knew who the Doctor was. Purely down to Amy or will we see some eps with the Doc in the village’s past?
  • Patrick Moore being a good sport.
  • The whole hero moment at the end as he becomes The 11th Doctor ending in “Basically…run.”
  • Amy Pond. Loved the opening shot of her as an adult. That’s what you call a Dadshot I think 🙂
  • The music was decent. The little repeating rift was OK and I like choral type incidental music, so winner here.
  • A lot of Smith’s acting was in his eyes – though Doctorvision was bloody awful – he’s a very expressive actor.

It was just nailed well. For what a Doctor Who ep is meant to be, this did it (even if the CGI was bloody awful). Some Nice Grant Morrison-esque ideas (“if you pull the wall down, the crack would still be there”) and nice touches of horror with the idea of something you can only see out the corner of your eye.

But one thing stuck out: that kid who runs by with the toy helicopter. He was too vivid, the colours too bright for it not to be a hint or a tease of something. It just seemed…odd.