Kids and the apocalypse: a cheerful post

It’s one of those things that I keep trying to put out of my head, but posts like this don’t help (for those too lazy to click: Dan worries about looking after his kids if civilisation broke down) and I must be more of a doom-and-gloomer than him because I worry about the next step: what happens if some bad stuff goes down and junior is left on her own?

It might sound unlikely – and I really hope so – because I’ve had two really vivid dreams where I (appear to) die (and I really hope they aren’t bad cases of Deju Vu) and in one of them, my last word was ‘Abigail’ (crazy imagery beforehand – buildings all rising up and falling, being pushed forward by a wall of whiteness. Was like something from a Grant Morrison book) as I took shelter behind a wall.

But waking up made me realise something: she may be five but she would be useless at looking after herself. Would she know how to get to another house? What if her grandparent’s house was down too? What if her friends couldn’t or wouldn’t take her? Would she have the savvy to break a window to get shelter? Could she work out a tin opener? Could she work out how to dial some one that might be able to help her? Could she keep herself warm or would she just hit Channel 71 and watch Cbeebies until something happened. What’s her school’s policy for apocalyptic scenarios? Does even asking them that question get you marked as a mentalist?

And that’s the big one – what about bump? It won’t even be able to look after itself for five years minimum.

Some people on Dan’s blog say “Don’t worry about it,” but it’s one of those things that once it’s in your head it just doesn’t shift.

(and yes I know the whole point is moot because if I’m dead there’s nothing I can do about it, but no-one told me when I was signing up for the world of parenting that I would sit and lose hours worrying about my children if I wasn’t here to look after them.)