Digital Britain Scottish Unconference – Friday May 8, 5-7pm, Glasgow

Thanks to the kind generosity of the wonderful Katie Howard and The Living Room, Glasgow (150 St Vincent Street, G2 5NE), we now have a time and venue and everything for the Digital Britain Unconference in Scotland. Glasgow to be specific. It’s going to run from 5-7pm (though I would encourage everyone to hang about afterwards and chat items through).

I’ll post up more details later but if you want to go to this, leave your details in the comments thread. Space will be limited for this – I’ve kept the venue to a) who was offering free facilities, b) free wifi c) the number of people who had registered an interest.

Basic topics that should come up will include (but I’m open to more topics/better topics):

  • The fact that Digital Britain is especially a lie in Scotland given the remote areas and the troubles they have with online
  • Scottish media and digital
  • Businesses and digital
  • Does Scotland really care about digital?

Anyway, entry is free, the company is free. The rest is up to you.
(And before anyone moans about date, location and so on. May 8 was the best date for those who previously responded.)