Battlestar Galactica finale: Lee Adama needs slapped, Galen’s my dad and why the show will make you an athiest

This is just a quick one as the end of Battlestar deserves a proper review, but let’s look at two points after the jump (very obvious spoilers coming up, so don’t click/read on unless prepared for them):

First: Lee Adama founds the Amish movement, the Prime Directive and is an idiot.
He says they should dump their tech in order to blend in better? What? Yes, let’s dump the items that will make life easier and better for us – and get us along the evolutionary ladder quicker – and live in mudhuts instead. Thanks for that!
I think Lee Adama is the founder of the Amish movement: “Let’s dump the modern kit!” That modern kit saved your dad’s life more than once – admittedly it also killed your brother – and you would think having been in the military it might be handy to have defences. Idiot. It’s practically Star Trek’s Prime Directive of non-interference.
(a better solution might have been to take gear with them but point out that over a few years it would fall into disrepair and be abandoned.)

Second: Galen is my dad. What?
So at the end, Galen heads off to Scotland – in fact it might be Jura – and I like the cute idea of Gaelic coming from Galen. So if that’s the case, does that mean the language on BSG was Gaelic? Does that mean BBC Alba actualy stands for Battlestar Broadcasting Corporation?
And yes, technically Galen has been immortal for a while so does that make him Highlander?

Third: God wants you to suffer.
A strong message from this show seems to be that the Gods do things for their own reasons – and that seems to include a lot of suffering, pain and death. Never been a fan of following Gods that are into the pain thing, so perhaps for a show so obsessed with god and gods, it’s actually been about showing how petty they are and we’d be better off without them.

Anyway, more thoughts later…