Why Twitter matters in PR and marketing – and we all get to be like Superman

Twitter’s a quicker way of doing it Supes

The Register has a piece about why Twitter is fairly useless – and I’m a fan of El Reg but also a fan of the tweet – so who’s right?

Actually both. Twitter has many flaws – you won’t learn information unless hooked up to the right people, signal to noise ratio can be high at times – but it is also incredibly fun. It’s a great quick way of sending info and is a quick way of sending info out there (you then just have to hope that others retweet it far and wide – and tht’s hoping people see your tweet in the first place)

I like it though. Ever seen that moment in Superman Returns where Supes is above the atmosphere and just absorbing everything, filtering the sounds, spectrums and wavelengths? That’s what Twitter lets you do – except without the superpowers sadly.

But there’s one sector that it matter to: the PR and marketing sectors and for once it’s not because PRs and marketeers like to drone on about things covered in the press, it’s for something that many of them don’t like – it’s raw public opinion being sent out across the globe.

Under Twitter it’s easy enough for someone to post “Mmmm. Brewdog Paradox Smokehead. An imperial stout that’s been matured in Islay whisky casks. Smoky whisky taste complements the beer nicely” or “Been playing with the Blackberry Storm. Shockingly bad. I mean embarrassingly awful. Such a disappointment. Rushed out unfinished. What a pity”

And that makes a lot of PRs/marketeers edgy because there’s no way of controlling the message/making it all look positive. I love it because I think the honesty is the way to go on it and you can deal with comments and issues as they appear – of course that’s if you start from the sensible consensus that not everyone will love your product.

So why does it matter to the PRs/marketeers? Quite simply this: wherever there is a gathering of opinion – online or via smoke signals – then they have to monitor it to see what people are saying about clients or products. If they aren’t monitoring it while it’s used by a large subsection of the population, then they aren’t doing their job properly.