Welcome to 2009, Hello new readers

Quick post for people who have, for 2009, vowed to get more into social media/web2.0/journalism and PR online and have decided to drop by the site – or just kill 5mins a day by having more blogs to read.

Hi! I’m Craig McGill and you can learn my background here but I’ve been around and know my media – online and traditional. This site also covers my career as a writer of fiction and non-fiction books as well as anything else of interest that pops my way.

A major part of the postings for 2009 will be pointing out the usefulness of digital communications for PR, newspapers, marketing, internal communications because at heart that is what this is all about: communication.

The last few days have seen a run on Doctor Who stories on the site for a few reasons: one, I know it would spike the traffic and two, I had something interesting to say on it/some insight to provide.

Using the categories tool at the side of the screen will guide you to topics that may be of more interest to you.

Anyway, feel free to hang around, leave comments or get me on Twitter – or drop by the links on the side. There’s some interesting people there!

And if looking for more sites to go to, how about the Letters of Robert Burns at http://burnsletters.wordpress.com/?