Calling all UK PR and Media Twitter Users – Mon, Dec 8, 9pm

OK, here’s one for an experiment. Over in the US, Sarah Evans runs a rather nifty little Twitter group called #JournChat for PRs and Reporters- and it’s a good little talking shop. Feels a little more fiddly than the days of IRC but it’s still good fund (and no doubt Sarah will be along shortly to explain more about it), but it doesn’t start in the US until after 1am every Tuesday.

So let’s try an experiment. Next Monday, December 8 at 9pm UK time, can anyone interested start putting in the following with their tweets – #mediachat – and see if anyone out there wants to talk or swap comments with the so-called enemy. Who knows, we may all start getting along a little better…

(and people from outside the UK are more than welcome too)

Hopefully see you next week,


UPDATE: As anyone used to me being online round the clock may have noticed, I haven’t been due to being floored by a flu and chest infection, which sadly means I won’t be partaking in tonight’s chat – others can feel free to do so and when I’m better I’ll get involved – but I’m out for tonight as even typing this much is leaving me fecked. Apologies to one and all.