Scottish Press Awards – Live(ish)

Thanks to the kind people at Macdonald Hotels, I’ll be along at the Scottish Press Awards (shortlist here) at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Glasgow on Thursday night and it looks set to be a good night. But as always there’ll be a lot of people who can’t make it – stuck on jobs, at the office or just not nearby (or invited), so I’m going to Twitter the results as they happen. Anyone wanting to find out who wins what should set up a Twitter account here and add mecraigmcgill – to their list.

A lot of the folk shortlisted are friends of mine so it would be cruel to pick hopeful winners, but here’s hoping the Scottish Sun’s Matt Bendoris is smiling at the end of the night: he’s thumped the ball out of the park over the last 12 months (hell, the last 10 years) and it’s about time he was recognised for it.

Be interesting to see if Ken Symon gets a deserved gong too – or if his move into the world of PR will have dented his chances.

As for Michael Tierney, well he always wins – to the extent that next year’s awards will probably be called the Michael Tierney Awards if he wins again.

Seriously though, good luck to everyone…