Tl;dr: Craig McGill, started off in journalism, ended up on newsdesks and being a columnist, author of four successful non-fiction books, won some awards, strong believer in digital making the world a better place, did PR, ran my own digital agency, made some companies money (£1m+) via social and digital media, was first in the UK to do some things and was daft enough to try other things before everyone else. Also once nearly arrested for abandoning a porcelain doll…

If you’re looking for the professional type stuff, here I am on LinkedIn and the rest is, well, here. And before the SEO types ask why there isn’t a picture, it would be a bit cruel to scare people off on the first page, no?

What is this place?

This site covers everything I do – from thinking about digital PR and marketing, to the state of the media to how digital should make the world a better place, reviews as well as TV and event speaking, lecturing and everything else. It’s the site that abandoned SEO because it goes from talking about dirty nappies to hitlists to tweaks to Twitter.

If I recall correctly, it’s also about the fourth version of the site.

Anyway, thoughts welcome – especially the disagreeing type, the blog will probably be the most updated part of this place and I hope you find something useful or interesting because otherwise, what’s the point?