Hello…how are you?

Hi, I’m Craig McGill. I used to be a journalist (for… oh practically everybody) and traditional PR Director based in Scotland. Now I work in Digital Communications (including social media)/Creative Online PR and you can find out all about that side of me over at the Contently Managed website.

There will be little mention of that type of stuff here.

That’s because I’m also a few other things, most notably for the purposes of here, a father and writer of books. So, for PR and social media type stuff head over there, for dad blogging and writerly stuff (including my thoughts on other creative endeavours) hang about here.

If you’re looking for free stuff to read, the drop down menu above has the links to the best of it, but there’s more here.

(and yes, the heading is a direct nick homage to the way Richard Paterson from Whyte and Mackay talks about appreciating whisky)

(note: I used to use this site for my thoughts on social media, Scotland, digital marketing, communications and PR as well, so there’s a lot of that in the backlinks, but now this site is for more personal matters)